What Are Unicorns?

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The Unicorn, a legendary animal usually depicted as a large horse with a single horn on its forehead. It has also been described as having the hind legs of an antelope, the tail of a lion, and the beard of a goat. Represented in the arts of numerous ancient and medieval Asian and European cultures, the unicorn may have been created from distorted reports of rhinoceroses. Ctesias, a Greek physician, about 400 BC wrote a classic description of the unicorn, calling it an Indian wild ass with a white body, purple head, and a straight "cubit-long" horn with a white base, black middle, and red tip. He described it as fleet and fierce. The unicorn is also mentioned in the writings of Aristotle, Pliny, and Aelian.

In medieval Christendom the unicorn was endowed with symbolic qualities, both religious and secular. Some early translations of the Hebrew scriptures mentioned the unicorn (modern versions tend to call the same animal a "wild ox"), and as a biblical beast it acquired ecclesiastical associations. It represented chastity and purity. Though it would fight savagely when cornered, it could be tamed by a virgin's touch. Many examples of medieval artincluding woodcuts, illuminations, and tapestriesdepict the unicorn, particularly the hunt for it. In some Christian interpretations the unicorn is associated with the Virgin Mary; in others it represents Christ the Redeemer. Unicorns were also popular emblems in medieval heraldry.

During the Middle Ages, and even later, the unicorn's horn (as it was alleged to be), because of its fabled purity, was a popular ingredient for medicines and for alchemical reactions. Potentates and pontiffs obtained reputed unicorn's horn because it was considered strong protection against poison. The horn was also believed to ward off stomach trouble and epilepsy.

Or as in the words of the butterfly from The Last Unicorn

The Unicorn is a beautiful mythical creature. usually thought of as a horse with a long spiraling horn on his forehead. Some also describe the Unicorn as having the tail of a lion, the beard of a goat and the hindlegs of an Antelope. Unicorns represent innocence chastity and purity. The Unicorn can fight fiercly when cornered or captured, But can be tamed by the simple touch of a virgin maiden. The method for catching a Unicorn is simple. A pure young maiden is taken into the woods and placed beneath a tree. Unicorns are irresistably attracted to such women and will come lay its head in her lap. Then hunters leap from the woods and either capture or kill the Unicorn. The great prize is the horn. some people even think a precious jewel is hidden beneath the horn.The horn of a unicorn is called an Alicorn. It is a popular ingrediant in medicines and cures. It was greatly prized because it provided protection against all eveil. Heres how you can tell a fake Unicorn horn (alicorn) from a real one.

Drawing a ring on the floor with the horn. a spider placed in the ring would not be able to cross the line, and would starve to death in the circle.

Placing the horn into water which would cause the water to bubble and appear boiling, even though the water is still cold.

Placing a peice of silk on burning coals then laying the horn on the silk. If the Alicorn is real the silk will not be burned.

Bringing the horn near a poisonous plant or animal which would then burst and die in reaction to the horn.

Unicorns are visions of equine beauty. They may have wings and can be as white as snow or as black as the darkest night. Black Unicorns are believed to be more magical and powerful and were very rare. The Unicorn is a mythical creature described in Greek mythology. The Unicorn is found throughout world legends. The Unicorn is special to his followers and still holds the basic principals of nobility selflessness and purity. He will always be the most noble and beautiful of creatures. In other respects it was much like an ordinary horse except for it's flowing mane and tail and of course, the spiraling horn projecting foward at an angle from it's forehead.

Unicorns are known all over the world. The chineese Unicorn was called K'i-Lin It had (some said) a multicolored body and a twelve foot long spiral horn. It was also said to have walked so softly it's hooves made no sound. Some believed this was because it was so soft hearted it didn't want to crush the grass beneath it's hooves. Some people believe that there are no more Unicorns. One reason is when Noah built the ark the Unicorns were all off hiding and playing silly games, then got caught in the flood when Noah couldnt wait any longer for them. some think they were hunted into Extinction. Others believe that Unicorns left when the world became less sympathetic to the old magic, fleeing to someplace better suited to their strange beauty. And then some believe that there were never any Unicorns to begin with. It has been said Unicorns will inherit the earth. The Unicorn is an immortal creature. The unicorn is portryed as a slender delicate horse with a long spiraling horn. In the Orient they are viewed as Peaceful, meek and bring good luck! But whatever you believe, always remember to never loose faith and always believe in the Unicorn.